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Resources to help develop SMSC provision in your school

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Would you like your school to be amongst the best?

Rekha Bhakoo CBE, Headteacher of Newton Farm Nursery, Infant and Junior School (Top Performing Primary School in England 2011 and 2014) says:

‘It’s the job of the education system to prepare our young people for the challenges and opportunities of a changing world. What better opportunity than basing Go-Givers at the heart of the school curriculum?’ 


Do you want your children to become rounded individuals?

Yes? Then help them become Go-Givers as well as Go-Getters!

In school where children are constantly measured by their academic achievement we need to remember that character qualities such as empathy, compassion and fair-mindedness are of equal importance in the wider world.


Is your budget over-stretched?

Go-Givers represents EXCELLENT value for money!

Our School Subscription costs just £399 and gives unlimited access to ALL website content for ALL teaching staff in your school, including guaranteed access to our latest lesson releases! 


Are you looking to broaden and deepen the curriculum?

Go-Givers resources:

  • Deal with real issues of concern to children 
  • Raise aspirations and prepare children for the wider world
  • Offer material for critical thinking and debate
  • Provide opportunities for collaborative teamwork & leadership
  • Allow for maximum creativity and individual expression
  • Help children recognise and explore their talents and values
  • Develop understanding towards other people
  • Empower children to become proactive citizens

Will your teachers use it?

Yes! Teachers love Go-Givers resources because children find them thoroughly engaging!

Indeed teachers often comment on how their own interest and understanding has been heightened or demystified by the lessons!


Are you working towards OfSTED 'Outstanding'?

Go-Givers places SMSC learning at the heart of the resources, laying a firm foundation for children to develop social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning across cross-curricular lessons. 

A school can be judged by OfSTED as having serious weaknesses where one or more of the key judgements are inadequate (grade 4) and/or there are serious weaknesses in the provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


Are you looking for resources that reduce teachers' workload without compromising on quality?

Go-Givers resources: 

  • Save teacher preparation time 
  • Are well researched and up to date
  • Are readily adaptable to suit all abilities
  • May be delivered through a range of subjects

Do you believe that learning should be fun?

Go-Givers puts learners at the heart of the programme in the belief that children learn best when the curriculum is relevant and enjoyable. 

The Kids’ Zone is a special place where children can read and learn from the characters’ blogs, play in the ‘Playground’, download information from the Children’s Toolkit or sing along with the Go-Givers song. Not to mention our versatile interactive tools!