British Values

This session explores what is meant by 'British Values' and how this requirement aligns with the duty to promote SMSC development. We demonstrate how it should be taught through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum and explore resources that can help you teach children about our democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty while developing respect for those with different faiths and beliefs.

Participants will have opportunities to:

  • Explore their own values and consider how values are expressed through language, behaviour and customs and how this may change according to place and time
  • Discuss what the DfE mean by ‘British values’ and understand where this sits within SMSC learning
  • Explore inclusive approaches to teaching pupils about British values
  • Share Go-Givers resources and free resources from other providers (e.g Parliamentary Education Service, BBC) to support SMSC learning and the teaching of British values
  • Consider assessment methods and ways to demonstrate impact
  • Clarify the expectations of Ofsted.

All Participants will receive:

  • 20% Discount off our Go-Givers Premium or Platinum School Subscription


Twilight (1hr 30min)
£200 + VAT
Half-day (3hrs)
£350 + VAT
Full-day (6hrs)
£650 + VAT

As we have a limited number of trainers to cover the whole country, we may need to charge travel costs depending on the location of your school. This will be discussed and agreed when you book your training session.

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