Lesson Bundle : Year 6 (C)


Lessons on a wide range of PSHE and Citizenship themes suitable for children in Year 6. Lessons include: Child Slavery: All for Profit, Bullying: Prepare to Stand Up and Stand Out, Strong Societies, Stephen Lawrence: The Long Search for Justice, Understanding Cancer, Moral Values: When is Enough Enough?

Child Slavery: All for Profit

This lesson looks at the Unicef Rights of the Child and how children across the world are enslaved or bonded to serve the needs of business. Links: equality

Cross curricular links: Geography, History

Learning Activities

  • Looking at where items originate from
  • Using questions as discussion starters
  • Taking a closer look at the Law on Child Labour

Bullying: Prepare to Stand Up and Stand Out

This lesson looks at ways in which we differ from each other and how we can develop a positive body image. The children learn about intervention strategies through role play. Links: respect, puberty, equality, anti bullying, mental health

Cross curricular links: Literacy (Speaking)

Learning Activities

  • Paired game to find out similarities and differences
  • Bullying interventions- discuss scenarios
  • Discussion: Body image
  • Identifying ‘bullying hotspots’ and discussing preventative measures 


Strong Societies

This lesson addresses the questions ‘What is a society?’ and ‘What makes a strong society?’  It explains how laws, taxes and charities contribute to our well-being, and suggests how we can be responsible citizens. The benefits of society are shown through a cartoon story. This lesson is suitable for all KS2, some elements for upper KS2. Links: community

Cross-curricular links: History, science

Learning Activities:

  • Ant societies
  • Intersection experiment
  • Societies of the past


Stephen Lawrence: The Long Search for Justice

This lesson for upper KS2 looks at how we use our discrimination, and how discrimination can be socially harmful. The PowerPoint sets out how the parents of Stephen Lawrence went about achieving justice for their son. Links: respect, equality

Cross-curricular links: Literacy, BLACK HISTORY MONTH

Learning Activities:

  • Experiment: They’re all the same
  • A story illustrating the nature of prejudice
  • Discussion about discrimination

Understanding Cancer

Many children in classrooms all around the country are dealing with cancer in one way or another at any given time. This lesson seeks to answer some of their questions and demonstrate how they might support friends and family members affected by the disease. 

Cross-curricular links: Science, literacy

Learning Activities:

  • Who can help?
  • Making a gift
  • Designing a well-being room


Moral Values: When is Enough Enough?

This lesson explores how minor offences, such as taking things that don’t belong to us, can lead to more serious behaviour through a series of scenarios involving the Go-Givers character Teefa. It aims to illustrate how our moral values can be gradually eroded. For upper KS2 children the theme can be extended into a wider context, the moral values of a government and a nation - in this case Nazi Germany, exploring how small acts against Jewish people eventually led to the holocaust. Links: community, respect, equality, ANTI BULLYING, mental health

Cross-curricular links: history

Learning Activities:

  • Discussion about stealing
  • Writing stories about small acts of unkindness turning into bullying
  • Discussion about Hilter and the holocaust
  • Learning about Anne Frank