Lesson Bundle : Year 5 (B)


Lessons on a wide range of PSHE and Citizenship themes suitable for children in Year 5. Lessons include: Culture: The Roma, Martin Luther King: Sacrificing All for the Dream, Famous Philanthropists, Rights & Responsibilities: Getting the Balance Right, Tricky Topics, Sustainable Development.

Culture: The Roma

This lesson is a celebration of cultural diversity - the similarities which unite us and the differences that enrich us. It takes a particular look at Roma culture. Links: British values, tolerance, community, respect, equal, immigration, British Food  Fortnight, Gypsy and Roma Traveller History Month. anti bullying

Cross curricular links: Literacy, Art, Drama

Learning Activities

  • Discuss similarities and differences between their own and Roma Culture
  • Circle activity using senses and emotions
  • Drama to highlight the senselessness of bullying someone for being different
  • Creating a collage to represent diversity

Martin Luther King: Sacrificing All for the Dream

This lesson looks at discrimination against African Americans in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement and how Martin Luther King achieved change through peaceful protest. It also explores the nature of prejudice and racism.

Cross-curricular links: history

Learning Activities:

  • experiment to explore unequal treatment of different groups
  • discussion about how children deal with incidents of teasing
  • looking at the factors we take into consideration when judging others

    "Used this to mark MLK day for whole school assembly.  This ppt saved me hours of work and provided lots of extra information."



Famous Philanthropists

This lesson looks at how some successful business people have donated large sums of money to charitable causes. It asks children to consider the things that enrich/impoverish our lives. Links: community, 

Cross curricular links: Numeracy, IT, Literacy

Learning Activities

  • Calculating the percentage of income given to charity
  • Discussion around philanthropy 
  • Group research and presentation on a chosen philanthropist 


Rights & Responsibilities: Getting the Balance Right

This lesson explores how rules and laws help keep the balance between our rights and the rights of others by looking at the examples of privacy and free speech.  It includes a video of an interview with Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty. Links: British values, respect

Cross-curricular links: literacy, art and design

Learning Activities:

  • Writing a cautionary tale
  • Designing posters

Tricky Topics

Topics which would lend themselves to Circle Time discussions with introductory notes and key questions. Suitable for upper KS2. Links: british values, community, respect, bullying, schools, green, equality, drugs, anti bullying

Sustainable Development

The PowerPoint consists of a pictorial quiz, with photos representing environmental problems and solutions.  This lesson is suitable for all KS2. Links: respect, green, RECYCLING WEEK

Cross-curricular links: science, geography

Learning Activities:

  • Water usage homework activity
  • School audit and creation of a sustainability plan