Lesson Bundle : Year 5 (A)


Lessons on a wide range of PSHE and Citizenship themes suitable for children in Year 5. Lessons include: Valentine's Day, Bereavement: Treasured Memories, Identities, Nelson Mandela, Magna Carta, Topics for Discussion: Mind Maze.

Valentine's Day

The origins of Valentine’s Day traditions. Suitable for all KS2.

Cross-curricular links: Art

Learning Activities:

  • Pay it forward activity
  • Valentine Day cards with promissory coupons
  • Destructive emotions
  • How to show you care


Bereavement: Treasured Memories

This lesson helps children understand how to deal with their feelings after the death of someone they cared for. It also suggests activities for children to do in school on the occasion of the death of a pupil or adult associated with the school. Links: family, mental health

Cross curricular links: RE, Literacy

Learning Activities

  • Description of the emotion and journey we might experience following the death of someone we care about
  • An allegorical tale to encourage discussion
  • Ideas for whole school coping mechanisms


Diversity: Identities

This lesson explores the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped the heritage of people living in Britain today. It asks children to think about their own identities and the different groups they belong to using a poem to encourage curiosity about similarities and differences. Suitable for all KS2. Links: British values, tolerance, community, respect, equality, immigration

Cross-curricular links: history, geography, literacy, art

Learning Activities:

  • Making Chinese red envelopes
  • Creating geometric Kente cloth designs and Islamic patterns
  • Researching places of pilgrimage
  • Creating a class recipe book to reflect different cultural influences
  • Exploring the concept of prejudice 

Nelson Mandela

This lesson explores Nelson Mandela's fight against apartheid in South Africa. It considers different points of view about famous people in history and concludes that struggles for freedom are not necessarily peaceful. Links: community, equality, Black History Month, INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE

Cross-curricular links: geography, history, literacy (drama & poetry)

Learning Activities:

  • Sorting apartheid signs
  • Considering similarities and differences and how people are sometimes grouped by characteristics such as skin colour or hair colour 
  • Hot seating to explore different points of view in a story about discrimination
  • Creative writing from the point of view of a black South African during apartheid

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Magna Carta

This lesson explores the concepts of fairness and justice and how the Magna Carta is the foundation for equality before the law in the UK. Links: British values, respect

Cross-curricular links: history

Learning Activities:

  • researching people who fought for justice
  • finding out about our system of jury service
  • writing own Queen's Speech

Topics for Discussion: Mind Maze

Mind Maze consists of a series of cryptic questions to develop children’s ability to discuss social and moral issues. Suitable for upper KS2. Links: community, bullying, equality, anti bullying

Cross-curricular links: Literacy

The Learning Activities contain advice on classroom discussion and background information on the issues to inform the debate.