Lesson Bundle : Year 4 (A)


Lessons on a wide range of PSHE and Citizenship themes suitable for children in Year 4. Lessons include: Emergency, Family Break Up: My Mum Doesn't Live Here Any More, Children's Needs: Roots and Wings, The Golden Rule, Mediation: Resolving Conflict, Care for the Elderly: The Grey Years.


This lesson describes how the emergency services operate. It also explains the role of the volunteer and how to administer basic First Aid in situations such as nose bleed and bee sting. The lesson includes a video containing interviews with the staff of Kent Air Ambulance, and an electronic First Aid quiz. Links: medicines, keeping safety, ROAD SAFETY WEEK

Cross curricular links: Health and Safety, Literacy 

Learning Activities

  • Prepare a presentation for the younger children to educate them on keeping safe in certain locations e.g. the beach
  • Complete a quiz relating to the video about Kent Air Ambulance


Family Break Up: My Mum Doesn't Live Here Any More

This lesson is designed to help children cope with family break up. It is delivered in a cartoon format using Go-Giver character Callum’s personal experience  to explain what can happen when mums and dads don’t get along anymore. 

Cross curricular links: Literacy, Drama, History (timeline)

Learning Activities

  • Discussion: Different types of families and the changes that can occur in families
  • Folding activity to show the value of good communication
  • Puppet show script
  • Timeline to show family changes
  • Discussion: Different techniques for managing anger.


Children's Needs: Roots and Wings

This lesson looks at what children need to make the most of their potential and how charities support those in need. 

Cross curricular links: Literacy, Science

Learning Activities

  • Writing poems about people who care for us
  • Experiment to investigate root growth and the purpose of roots in a plant
  • Considering gifts for a new born baby and developing their ideas through creative poems


The Golden Rule: Multi-Faith Values

This lesson shows how all the major religions subscribe to the idea that we should behave towards others as we would like others to behave towards us. Suitable for all KS2. Links: British values, tolerance, community, respect, equality

Cross-curricular links: RE

Learning Activities:

  • Devising simple laws that the children would ask all the world’s governments to agree to.

Linked assembly:
In the ancient Korean folk tale 'Chopsticks', a warrior is afforded a vision of heaven and hell. We are reminded that in the context of our lives on Earth, selfishness leads to unhappiness - a kind of Hell.


Mediation: Resolving Conflict

This lesson explores how conflicts can be resolved by looking at things fairly, listening carefully and trying to stand in the other person’s shoes. It also looks at how mediators can help negotiate solutions that can be agreed to by both parties. Links: community, respect

Cross-curricular links: literacy, art and design

Learning Activities:

  • Learning and practising mediation skills
  • Writing own story in the style of ‘The Short Tale of a Lemon’ to illustrate sharing and negotiation
  • Creating silhouette designs


Care for the Elderly: The Grey Years

This lesson aims to help children understand the process of ageing and what it feels like to be old. It also looks at how charities help older people retain their independence. Links: community, respect, family

Cross curricular links: Drama, Art, Literacy

Learning Activities 

  • Situations to allow children to be more empathetic and understanding of the difficulties sometimes encountered with old age
  • Role play 
  • Poster/leaflet making on ‘ways to keep warm at night’

    "This is great, I will adapt this to use with a unit on caring for individuals with additonal needs."