Lesson Bundle : Year 3 (B)


Lessons on a wide range of PSHE and Citizenship themes suitable for children in Year 3. Lessons include: The Clown of God, Schools are for Learning, There's No Place Like Home, Go Givers Park, You Scratch My Back, Water: Our Most Precious Resource.

The Clown of God

This story, adapted from an Italian legend, tells of a talented young juggler who is taunted as he grows too old to perform. It stresses the importance of recognising and celebrating each other’s talents and learning from experiences, and reminds children that bullying and teasing are hurtful and wrong. Links: community, respect, equality, anti bullying, mental health

Cross-curricular links: literacy, art and design, physical education 

Learning Activities:

  • Discussion about mocking and bullying
  • Creating a wall display to recognise the talents of others
  • Considering the impact of growing older, and contrasting the benefits of youth with those  of older age
  • Learning to juggle

    "The children loved it and understood the story which is beautifully presented, thank you!"


Schools are for Learning

What would the children’s ultimate school look like? This lesson gives children an opportunity to consider the changes they would make to their education, including creative ideas! It is suitable for all KS2.

Cross-curricular links: Art 

Learning Activities:

  • Designing a school logo
  • Researching education in other countries.
  • Educational Charities. How donations might be spent.


There's No Place Like Home

This lesson explores the importance of a safe, loving home for our personal development, and the consequences of homelessness, particularly for children. Suitable for all KS2. Links: community, family, keeping safety, homeless

Cross-curricular links: Drama, literacy

Learning Activities:

  • Poetry writing: What makes a house a home
  • Hotseating: housing official and a homeless family
  • Goal setting: ‘The sky’s the limit’

Linked assembly:
Children emerge from a makeshift tent to questions about what they think it would be like to live in a tent for a prolonged period of time. This leads on to discussion about refugees and the story of Bruce Kenrick the founder of Shelter.


Go Givers Park

This lesson involves creating a park with areas and activities for the Go-Givers characters, and their families, to enjoy. The PowerPoint gives some facts about each character’s family, their likes and dislikes and other information. The children then put themselves into each character’s shoes to think about their different needs. Links: community

Cross-curricular links: geography

Learning Activities:

  • Designing the park considering which equipment or activities should go where and which characters would benefit
  • Peer evaluation of park designs

Animals That Help Each Other

This lesson explores the importance of sharing and co-operation, using symbiotic examples from nature and a musical exercise to illustrate how working together can help bring about better outcomes. Links: community, respect, equality
Cross-curricular links: science, music

Learning Activities:

  • Learning about the ways that different animals help each other to survive in the natural world
  • Considering the meanings of conflict, cooperation and negotiation
  • Creating their own animal (group activity)
  • Creating their own piece of music; firstly when working  alone, secondly when listening and working as a team

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Water: Our Most Precious Resource

This lesson reminds us of the importance of water for our physical well-being. We learn how charities are providing practical support to some of the one in five people in the world don’t have access to clean water. Suitable for KS1 upwards. Links: green, WORLD WATER DAY

Cross-curricular links: Science

Learning Activities:

  • Building a water filter
  • A condensation experiment 
  • Measuring water wastage