Lesson Bundle : Social Issues - KS2


Lessons to help KS2 children learn to empathise with elderly people, vulnerable children, homeless people and those who are new to the country by considering the problems they face and what charities, government and individuals can do to support them. The lessons also ask children to consider how we care for animals in our society. Lessons include: Care for the Elderly: The Grey Years, There's No Place Like Home, Animal Care: Creature Kindness, Respect, Children's Needs: Roots and Wings, Immigration: Coming to Britain

Care for the Elderly: The Grey Years

This lesson aims to help children understand the process of ageing and what it feels like to be old. It also looks at how charities help older people retain their independence. Links: community, respect, family

Cross curricular links: Drama, Art, Literacy

Learning Activities 

  • Situations to allow children to be more empathetic and understanding of the difficulties sometimes encountered with old age
  • Role play 
  • Poster/leaflet making on ‘ways to keep warm at night’

    "This is great, I will adapt this to use with a unit on caring for individuals with additonal needs."

There's No Place Like Home

This lesson explores the importance of a safe, loving home for our personal development, and the consequences of homelessness, particularly for children. Suitable for all KS2. Links: community, family, keeping safety, homeless

Cross-curricular links: Drama, literacy

Learning Activities:

  • Poetry writing: What makes a house a home
  • Hotseating: housing official and a homeless family
  • Goal setting: ‘The sky’s the limit’

Linked assembly:
Children emerge from a makeshift tent to questions about what they think it would be like to live in a tent for a prolonged period of time. This leads on to discussion about refugees and the story of Bruce Kenrick the founder of Shelter.


Animal Care: Creature Kindness

This lesson looks at the advantages and disadvantages of pet ownership, the importance of taking care of animals and the work of animal welfare charities such as the RSPCA. Links: Family

Cross curricular links: Literacy, Art

Learning Activities

  • Listing the advantages and disadvantages of owning a pet
  • Designing a leaflet for Dog’s Trust

    "That was a really good PowerPoint! They learnt a lot. They are now making their own leaflet for their own charity!"



This lesson explores the nature of respect. It considers respect for oneself, respect for others, respect in sport and respect for the environment. Suitable for all of KS2. Links: British values, tolerance, community, family, equality

Cross-curricular links: PE, art and design

Learning Activities: 

  • Making ‘respect’ button badges
  • Discussion about how to make the school more respectful
  • Tips on how to respect your body


Children's Needs: Roots and Wings

This lesson looks at what children need to make the most of their potential and how charities support those in need. 

Cross curricular links: Literacy, Science

Learning Activities

  • Writing poems about people who care for us
  • Experiment to investigate root growth and the purpose of roots in a plant
  • Considering gifts for a new born baby and developing their ideas through creative poems


Invaders and Settlers: Coming to Britain

This lesson gives a potted history of the people who have come to live in Britain from the Celts, Romans and Vikings to the migrant workers from Eastern Europe and people fleeing conflicts and poverty today. The lesson includes a video interview with a Kent headteacher originally from the Punjab region of India. Links: community, immigration

Cross-curricular links: history, geography, literacy

Learning Activities:

  • Comprehension questions linked to the video interview
  • Role play scenarios to explore how it feels to be a newcomer
  • Investigating words from other countries adopted into the English language