Lesson Bundle : Short Activities & Circle Time 2 - KS2


A selection of short KS2 activities suitable for homework, independent research, stimulating Circle Time discussions or developing thinking skills. Lessons include: Conscience Corridor, Quick Quest, Statistical Snippets, Topics for Discussion: Mind Maze, Worldly Wisdom, It's A Good News Day!

Conscience Corridor

This lesson is a Speaking and Listening activity which provides an opportunity for children to listen, put forward arguments, and make informed decisions on a number of controversial topics such as whether it is fair to make animals perform in a circus and whether children should be taught in 'sets' by ability or in mixed ability groups. Links: respect, equality

Cross curricular links: Literacy


Quick Quest

This resource is a presentation with some ‘starter’ facts about ten different people, institutions and organisations that have changed society in some way with suggested questions for further research. Each of the ten mini research assignments might be used as a homework activity. Links: community, schools, medicines, equality

Statistical Snippets

This is a collection of interesting statistics that highlight global inequalities to provoke discussion in the classroom. Most suitable for upper KS2. Links: equality, schools, medicines

Topics for Discussion: Mind Maze

Mind Maze consists of a series of cryptic questions to develop children’s ability to discuss social and moral issues. Suitable for upper KS2. Links: community, bullying, equality, anti bullying

Cross-curricular links: Literacy

The Learning Activities contain advice on classroom discussion and background information on the issues to inform the debate.


Worldly Wisdom

This PowerPoint is comprised of Inspirational quotations by famous people from across the globe to stimulate discussion. Suitable, in the main, for all KS2. 

It's A Good News Day!

Examine the local and national press for good news stories about kindness and giving. Links: community