Lesson Bundle : Short Activities & Circle Time 1 - KS2


A selection of short KS2 activities suitable for homework, independent research, stimulating Circle Time discussions or developing thinking skills. Lessons include: Tricky Topics, Opposites Game, Discussion Scenarios: Dizzy Dilemmas, Quotathon, Fact Files, For & Against: Where Do You Stand?

Tricky Topics

Topics which would lend themselves to Circle Time discussions with introductory notes and key questions. Suitable for upper KS2. Links: british values, community, respect, bullying, schools, green, equality, drugs, anti bullying

Opposites Game

A card game, played like snap, to familiarise pupils with words related to citizenship and their opposites. Can also be used to explore antonyms, prefixes and suffixes in literacy.

Discussion Scenarios: Dizzy Dilemmas

This lesson is a series of nine personal and social dilemmas children might come across in real life. It provides opportunities for open-ended discussion, suitable for Circle Time, and asks children what they would do in a similar situation. Links: community, respect, schools


After studying the Worldly Wisdoms composing quotations based in issues explored on this website. Links: community, respect

Fact Files

This lesson provides a concise file of interesting facts about caring and generosity to encourage further research. Links: community

Cross curricular links: IT


For & Against: Where Do You Stand?

This lesson provides a number of issues on which children are asked to think about where they stand. They will be supported in learning how to express their views and listen to different points of view before making up their mind on important issues. 

Cross curricular links: Literacy

Learning Activities

  • Discussion using situations provided
  • Writing a letter to a political representative
  • Finding out what an activist does