Lesson Bundle : Role Models - KS2


KS2 lessons looking at individuals from different countries, times and communities who have inspired others through their words and actions. Lessons include: Gandhi: Great Soul, Mary Seacole & Florence Nightingale: Pioneering Nurses, Martin Luther King: Sacrificing All for the Dream, The Queen: A Life of Giving, Nelson Mandela, Mo Farah

Gandhi: Great Soul

This lesson is about the life of Mahatma Gandhi and how he brought about change by peaceful means; one man’s campaign to overcome racism and injustice. Links: respect, equality, GROWTH MINDSET DAY

Cross curricular links: History, Drama

Learning Activities

  • Role play scenarios
  • Discussion: Racism and the law
  • Thinking about how to ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’


Mary Seacole & Florence Nightingale: Pioneering Nurses

This lesson tells the story of how Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale overcame prejudice to help others and explores how discrimination can prevent people from making a full contribution to society. The lesson also helps children understand the importance of good hygiene, particularly in hospitals. Links: community, respect, equality, medicines

Cross-curricular links: science, history

Learning Activities:

  • Crossword to recall facts in the story 
  • Science experiment to test the effectiveness of different methods of hand washing



Martin Luther King: Sacrificing All for the Dream

This lesson looks at discrimination against African Americans in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement and how Martin Luther King achieved change through peaceful protest. It also explores the nature of prejudice and racism.

Cross-curricular links: history

Learning Activities:

  • experiment to explore unequal treatment of different groups
  • discussion about how children deal with incidents of teasing
  • looking at the factors we take into consideration when judging others

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The Queen: A Life of Giving

This lesson looks at the role of The Queen who became our longest ever reigning monarch in September 2015. Suitable for all KS2. Links: british values, community, respect, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY

Cross-curricular links: Literacy, history, music

Learning Activities:

  • Drawing family trees
  • Script writing – royal scenarios
  • Survey to find the children’s favourite category of charity
  • Writing new verses for the National Anthem

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Nelson Mandela

This lesson explores Nelson Mandela's fight against apartheid in South Africa. It considers different points of view about famous people in history and concludes that struggles for freedom are not necessarily peaceful. Links: community, equality, Black History Month, INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE

Cross-curricular links: geography, history, literacy (drama & poetry)

Learning Activities:

  • Sorting apartheid signs
  • Considering similarities and differences and how people are sometimes grouped by characteristics such as skin colour or hair colour 
  • Hot seating to explore different points of view in a story about discrimination
  • Creative writing from the point of view of a black South African during apartheid

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Going for Goals: Mo Farah

This lesson takes us on Mo's amazing journey from Somalia to the London Olympics in 2012 and explores the secrets of his success. Links: Black History Month

Cross-curricular links: geography

Learning Activities:

  • Finding their own special talents
  • Goal setting
  • Imagining how it feels to be a refugee

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