Lesson Bundle : Our Community - KS2


KS2 lessons to help children to consider which different groups they belong to, why groups need rules, and how these rules need to be fair to all groups, what makes communities strong and how they can cater for the needs of different people. Includes the lessons: Belonging to Groups, Go-Givers Community Centre, Rights & Responsibilities: Getting the Balance Right, Sharing Ideas: Network, Strong Societies, Rules.

Go-Givers Community Centre

This lesson explores how people have different needs and how these needs can be met by their community. It encourages children to think of others, and how to accommodate their requirements using the Go-Givers characters as examples. Links: respect, equality

Cross curricular links: Geography, Numeracy, Literacy

Learning Activities

  • Discussing the needs of all the characters
  • Designing a leaflet
  • Paired discussion on success criteria


Rights & Responsibilities: Getting the Balance Right

This lesson explores how rules and laws help keep the balance between our rights and the rights of others by looking at the examples of privacy and free speech.  It includes a video of an interview with Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty. Links: British values, respect

Cross-curricular links: literacy, art and design

Learning Activities:

  • Writing a cautionary tale
  • Designing posters

Sharing Ideas: Network

This lesson provides an example of how the people in one community in India support each other by sharing ideas and resources. It is suitable for upper and lower KS2.

Cross-curricular Links: Design Technology, Literacy

Learning Activities: 

  • Designing products to overcome specific difficulties
  • Discussion: the advantages and disadvantages of teamwork.


Strong Societies

This lesson addresses the questions ‘What is a society?’ and ‘What makes a strong society?’  It explains how laws, taxes and charities contribute to our well-being, and suggests how we can be responsible citizens. The benefits of society are shown through a cartoon story. This lesson is suitable for all KS2, some elements for upper KS2. Links: community

Cross-curricular links: History, science

Learning Activities:

  • Ant societies
  • Intersection experiment
  • Societies of the past



This lesson explores the purpose and importance of rules and offers suggestions as to how to make and display class ‘Ground Rules’.

Learning activities:

  • Where did Humpty Dumpty go wrong?
  • The perfect classroom
  • A game with no rules
  • Creating your class rules
  • Reviewing the rules

"Very good as a quick re visit to making our class rules at the beginning of a new term."