Lesson Bundle : Environmental Issues - KS2


KS2 lessons explore a range of environmental issues such as intensive farming, air pollution, water conservation, deforestation and global warming. What can individuals do to live more sustainably and protect the environment? Includes the lessons: Climate and Farming, Pollution: Cleaning Up Our Air, Sustainable Development, The Earth in Our Hands, Water: Our Most Precious Resource, What Kind of Farming? Plus the free bonus lesson Saving the Rainforest.

Climate and Farming

This lesson looks at how different climates can affect farming across the world. Children are asked to consider the possible effects of global warming on food production. Links: green

Cross curricular links: Geography, IT, Art, BRITISH SCIENCE WEEK, WATER WEEK, WASTE WEEK

Learning Activities

  • Looking at weather in certain countries and noting how agriculture is weather-dependent . 
  • Researching  weather events in different countries that have appeared on the news and finding out whether charities have come to their aid
  • Hot seating farmers. What aid would be needed and why
  • Discussion: The effects of global warming
  • Creating board games to show the plight of the farmer


Climate Change

Learners explore what climate change is and what is causing it.  They consider who is responsible for climate change:  individuals, politicians, businesses?  They are then challenged to think of a variety of ways they can tackle climate change both at home and at school.

The resource could be run as a single lesson but, where possible, we would recommend it forms part of a wider unit of work.  It has been split into four distinct parts.

    Part 1: What is climate change?
    Part 2: What are the causes of climate change?
    Part 3: What is the impact of climate change?
    Part 4: What can we do?

Cross curricular links:  Science and Geography

Sustainable Development

The PowerPoint consists of a pictorial quiz, with photos representing environmental problems and solutions.  This lesson is suitable for all KS2. Links: respect, green, RECYCLING WEEK

Cross-curricular links: science, geography

Learning Activities:

  • Water usage homework activity
  • School audit and creation of a sustainability plan


The Earth in Our Hands

This lesson explores how the actions of human beings are destroying our Earth, and looks at how we can reduce our carbon footprint: using less energy, reducing carbon emissions, saving water, re-using and re-cycling.  It is suitable for all KS2. Links: green, WORLD WATER DAY, EARTH DAY

Cross-curricular links: science

Learning Activities:

  • Crossword
  • Photosynthesis experiment
  • Research into renewable energy
  • Carbon footprint homework activity
  • Designing leaflets/posters

Linked assembly: 
The children are reminded of the extraordinary number of species in the world. However, some animals are endangered and people are largely responsible for this. The children are asked to consider what they can do to support animal life.


Water: Our Most Precious Resource

This lesson reminds us of the importance of water for our physical well-being. We learn how charities are providing practical support to some of the one in five people in the world don’t have access to clean water. Suitable for KS1 upwards. Links: green, WORLD WATER DAY

Cross-curricular links: Science

Learning Activities:

  • Building a water filter
  • A condensation experiment 
  • Measuring water wastage


What Kind of Farming?

This lesson looks at animal husbandry on intensive and free range farms, and how farming practices affect food prices. Suitable for KS1 upwards. Links: green

Cross-curricular links: Science

Learning Activities:

  • Devising a Questionnaire 
  • Visiting a supermarket
  • Food wastage survey
  • Tips for using leftovers