Lesson Bundle : Diversity - KS2


Lessons to help KS2 children explore different cultures, religions and other aspects an individual's identity that may influence their interactions with others and inform their world view, as well as influencing the way others perceive them. How can we be mindful of the needs of people from all backgrounds and what happens when people stereotype those whose identity is different from their own? Includes the lessons: Mali, Culture:The Roma, Equal Opportunities, Stephen Lawrence: The Long Search for Justice, Identities, Immigration: Coming to Britain.


A lesson exploring history, culture and religion in the fascinating country of Mali, including how the community works together to keep the Great Mosque of Djenné in good repair. 

Cross-curricular links: geography, history, art and design, RE, science (materials)

Learning Activities: 

  • co-operative games 
  • making adobe bricks
  • learning about the customs of the Dogon people


Culture: The Roma

This lesson is a celebration of cultural diversity - the similarities which unite us and the differences that enrich us. It takes a particular look at Roma culture. Links: British values, tolerance, community, respect, equal, immigration, British Food  Fortnight, Gypsy and Roma Traveller History Month. anti bullying

Cross curricular links: Literacy, Art, Drama

Learning Activities

  • Discuss similarities and differences between their own and Roma Culture
  • Circle activity using senses and emotions
  • Drama to highlight the senselessness of bullying someone for being different
  • Creating a collage to represent diversity

Equal Opportunities

This lesson is about the meaning of equal opportunities and the nature of prejudice. It gives examples of groups that may suffer from discrimination. Links: British values, tolerance, community, respect, equality, ANTI BULLYING, equal pay

Cross curricular links: Literacy, IT, Art

Learning Activities

  • Discussion: What qualities to look for in a friend
  • Story writing
  • Researching charities that support groups of people who are discriminated against
  • Designing an equal opportunities logo
  • Creating a cartoon to illustrate an unfair situation


Stephen Lawrence: The Long Search for Justice

This lesson for upper KS2 looks at how we use our discrimination, and how discrimination can be socially harmful. The PowerPoint sets out how the parents of Stephen Lawrence went about achieving justice for their son. Links: respect, equality

Cross-curricular links: Literacy, BLACK HISTORY MONTH

Learning Activities:

  • Experiment: They’re all the same
  • A story illustrating the nature of prejudice
  • Discussion about discrimination

Diversity: Identities

This lesson explores the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped the heritage of people living in Britain today. It asks children to think about their own identities and the different groups they belong to using a poem to encourage curiosity about similarities and differences. Suitable for all KS2. Links: British values, tolerance, community, respect, equality, immigration

Cross-curricular links: history, geography, literacy, art

Learning Activities:

  • Making Chinese red envelopes
  • Creating geometric Kente cloth designs and Islamic patterns
  • Researching places of pilgrimage
  • Creating a class recipe book to reflect different cultural influences
  • Exploring the concept of prejudice 

Invaders and Settlers: Coming to Britain

This lesson gives a potted history of the people who have come to live in Britain from the Celts, Romans and Vikings to the migrant workers from Eastern Europe and people fleeing conflicts and poverty today. The lesson includes a video interview with a Kent headteacher originally from the Punjab region of India. Links: community, immigration

Cross-curricular links: history, geography, literacy

Learning Activities:

  • Comprehension questions linked to the video interview
  • Role play scenarios to explore how it feels to be a newcomer
  • Investigating words from other countries adopted into the English language