Lesson Bundle : British Values - KS2


Lessons to help KS2 pupils gain an understanding of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

Includes the lessons:

  • International Trade after Brexit
  • Rights & Responsibilies: Getting the Balance Right
  • Rules
  • Rights & Responsibilities: Freedom
  • Diversity: Identities
  • Culture: The Roma

International trade after Brexit

In this lesson we learn about trade within the context of leaving the European Union. It introduces the concepts of importing and exporting and trade agreements in a simple way. Links: fairtrade


Cross-curricular links: Geography


Learning Activities:

Trading activity

The biggest exporting countries

True of False

Rights & Responsibilities: Getting the Balance Right

This lesson explores how rules and laws help keep the balance between our rights and the rights of others by looking at the examples of privacy and free speech.  It includes a video of an interview with Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty. Links: British values, respect

Cross-curricular links: literacy, art and design

Learning Activities:

  • Writing a cautionary tale
  • Designing posters


This lesson explores the purpose and importance of rules and offers suggestions as to how to make and display class ‘Ground Rules’.

Learning activities:

  • Where did Humpty Dumpty go wrong?
  • The perfect classroom
  • A game with no rules
  • Creating your class rules
  • Reviewing the rules

"Very good as a quick re visit to making our class rules at the beginning of a new term."

Rights & Responsibilities: Freedom!

This lesson explores our right to freedom, and how this right comes with responsibilities towards others. It also tells the story of Toussaint L’Ouverture’s fight for freedom from slavery for the people of Haiti. It asks children consider if they have ever had their freedom taken away, even for a short time, and how this felt. Suitable for upper KS2. Links: British values, tolerance, respect, equality

Cross-curricular links: history, literacy

Learning Activities:

  • Researching other freedom fighters in history
  • Creative writing about what they would miss if they lost their freedom

Diversity: Identities

This lesson explores the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped the heritage of people living in Britain today. It asks children to think about their own identities and the different groups they belong to using a poem to encourage curiosity about similarities and differences. Suitable for all KS2. Links: British values, tolerance, community, respect, equality, immigration

Cross-curricular links: history, geography, literacy, art

Learning Activities:

  • Making Chinese red envelopes
  • Creating geometric Kente cloth designs and Islamic patterns
  • Researching places of pilgrimage
  • Creating a class recipe book to reflect different cultural influences
  • Exploring the concept of prejudice 

Culture: The Roma

This lesson is a celebration of cultural diversity - the similarities which unite us and the differences that enrich us. It takes a particular look at Roma culture. Links: British values, tolerance, community, respect, equal, immigration, British Food  Fortnight, Gypsy and Roma Traveller History Month. anti bullying

Cross curricular links: Literacy, Art, Drama

Learning Activities

  • Discuss similarities and differences between their own and Roma Culture
  • Circle activity using senses and emotions
  • Drama to highlight the senselessness of bullying someone for being different
  • Creating a collage to represent diversity