In this lesson pupils will think about what it means to be part of a family and how they can make a positive difference in their family life. Pupils will be introduced to families of a variety of different structures and backgrounds. Through discussion they will reflect on positive aspects of family life and think about how families thrive when family members have caring and supportive relationships.


Pupils will identify different ways in which families can care for one another and think about the most appropriate and valuable contributions family members can make in different situations. The lesson concludes with a task in which pupils create a family motto that reflects the kind of values they want to promote in their day to day life. At home they are challenged to ‘make a difference’ and journal their acts of kindness in preparation for the next lesson.


This lesson forms part of a series of lessons looking at the concept of developing positive relationships in the home, school and wider community. It can be delivered as a standalone lesson or you might like to look at delivering alongside a number of the ‘related lesson plans’ listed in the lesson plan.