Lesson : The Two Brothers


This lesson consists of a story adapted from an Egyptian legend that teaches about the importance of family love, selflessness and generosity. 

Cross-curricular links: literacy, geography, charitable giving

 Learning Activities:

  • Thinking about the groups you belong to: family, friends, religion, clubs
  • Thinking out how being generosity is often reciprocated
  • Writing top tips for being a good brother/sister/cousin or friend
  • Discussing the importance of water for farming
  • Discussing the impact of the Nile in farming in Ancient Egypt 
  • Acting out the story of “Joseph and his coat of many colours”

    "An easy, well explained story which provided thought for much discussion and restores our faith in the generosity of humankind."

    "Enjoyed the story and had a good discussion about the words in the glossary. Also had a good discussion about families. The children liked the pictures and the animation."