Lesson : The Selfish Little Red Hen


This animated story turns the traditional tale of The Little Red Hen on its head. In this case the hen is always too busy to help her friends. Pupils can choose the story ending. They are asked to reflect on the importance of team work and co-operation, and learn how to share their opinions.

Cross-curricular links: Drama (Spoken Language), Literacy 

Learning Activities:

  • Discussing the importance of being helpful: who helps the children? Who do they help?
  • Discussing the impact of selfishness on others 
  • Writing a poem entitled “What kind of world would it be?” 
  • Considering how  helpfulness benefits society 

'We used this lesson as part of our traditional tales series. The children loved the twist to the story and they liked the fact that they could choose the ending to the story. It prompted a lengthy discussion and they discovered that we don't always agree! They really enjoyed it thank you!'