Lesson : Medicines and Drugs: Get Better Soon


This lesson is based around an animated story involving the Go-Givers character Mitali who is feeling unwell. The other characters bring him different things to try and help him feel better. It introduces children to some common cold medicines found in the home such as Lemsip, Vicks VapoRub and Calpol as well as other traditional remedies such as ‘chicken soup’ and a ‘hot toddy’ containing alcohol. 

Cross-curricular links: science

Learning Activities:

  • Discussing times you have been unwell, medicines and treatments the children know about
  • Discussing which medicines go inside and outside the body, matching pictures to the right place on an outline of the human body
  • Role playing going to the doctor
  • Understanding harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol

"Great resource. I've used it as an introductory lesson for our science topic on medicines."

"This matches our Drug Ed. lessons really well and makes the lesson so much more real and interesting for the children. Lots of opportunities for discussion to keep them enthusiastic and help them to learn and remember these important messages."