This lesson aims to challenge common ideas about Africa. The Go-Givers character Teefa takes children on a tour of the continent to show the diversity of people, languages, housing and landscapes found there. 

Cross-curricular links: geography

Learning Activities:

  • Children explore where their ideas about Africa come from, and look at the influence of the media
  • Counting game of Oware, the national game of Ghana
  • Group work using atlases to research counties in Africa

    "This resource is thought provoking and raises truly interesting issues. It provoked a fascinating debate in my all white classroom. It was my intention to help my year3/4 class realise that there is a lot more to Africa than poverty and wild animals. This power point does just that."

    "Really thought provoking and dignified. Thanks for an un-patronising look at the amazing diversity and richness there is to the continent of Africa. Lots of excellent activities inspired by this presentation. Thanks very much."