Shotley Bridge against drink drivers

What we did

It was quite hard to choose our cause so we decided to vote using a special online ballot box. The cause of drink driving won by a long way with 42.9% of the votes. Nearly half.

We researched facts about drinking driving. Did you know you can be fined up to £5000 if you are caught drinking and driving. Our local PCSO visited and showed us breathalysers.

We even got to try out the police uniforms and handcuffs! We tried on special goggles. They showed us what our sight would be like if we were over the legal alcohol limits. Scary!

We decided there was lots of info telling people not to drink and drive but none saying what the alternative was. We made special non alcohol drinks and wrote the recipes. Yum!

What people said

We realised all the posters we had made told people not to drink and drive but we hadn't given them other ideas so we made more posters.

Mrs Holiday

We are trying to reduce the risk of innocent people getting hurt in drink driving accidents.


Consider your blurred vision and the chances of prison. More people shall survive if less people drink and drive.


From a poem adapted by a pupil - I wish I could say goodbye to you properly. But goodbye - I love you both from your son.

Adapted by pupils

Did you know that one person dies every half an hour due to drink driving?


Key facts and fundraising tips

We decided not to fundraise. We decided to raise awareness of the dangers of drink driving. Raising awareness can be just as important as raising money. Changing one person''s mind about drink driving might be the one thing that stops someone getting killed in a drink driving accident.

We learnt that people can get up to six months in prison for driving with too much alcohol in their bodies. That can go up to fourteen years if death is caused by dangerous driving. We thought it was important that people know this information.

We asked local shops if they would display our posters. We thought they would have more impact if they were done by us, rather than by adults.

More Information

Published: Feb 2014

Categories: Community development