I found out that in the U.K we throw 900,000 pieces of clothes away every single year, plus we spend £46 BILLION on new clothes, shoes etc every single year... that is SOOOOO many slippers and skirts, hats and tops and LOADS of that is ending up in the bin! What a waste!

The programme I was watching on TV where I got all this information from showed a massive rubbish pile, a place that looked at least ten times the size of my school, this is where all the clothes and shoes we don't want and put in the bin end up! They call them landfill sites and because the clothes we throw away are made of what are called man-made fibres (any thing not natural) they stay there forever because they don't break down or decompose! How bad is that!  So they are left there for years and years just looking terrible but also causing pollution and damaging the environment. For example, the wool that is in our jumpers does actually break down but when it does it releases a gas called methane gas, which is one of the biggest things that causes global warming and climate change.

It is really scary and I felt really guilty and bad about it for a day and then I realised how doing something about our rubbish is something we can do lots about. It is in our hands! All we need to do is recycle clothes by handing them on to our friends and family or you could cut up a dress you're bored of and turn it into a skirt! So I have decided that I am going to ask Mrs Winters if I can do a presentation in school and tell every one in my class about recycling their clothes. Then, my mum's friend Jackie who works in a charity shop on the High Street says she is going to let me spend a Saturday helping out in the shop so I can learn all about recycling clothes for real! And because my cousin Leilah says she does not like the idea of going through some one else's bag of clothes, that it might be a bit disgusting, and because my mum says she only likes new clothes I am going to take them with me so they learn for themselves about the great clothes you can find in the charity shop whilst helping some one out at the same time! What a bonus! To think the cheap £2 you pay for a great top gets you not only a lovely top but it helps some one else out that needs help, gives me such a great feeling! Plus, Leilah and my mum are going to see in action what Jackie already told me about: the clothes are washed at very high temperatures to get rid of any trace of dirt, ironed and given a good price so that the new owner loves their new clothes.

So I've got two big projects on my hands: 1) talking to my class and persuading them to donate their clothes and check out the charity shop before they go buying loads of cheap, new clothes that just end up as rubbish and 2) helping out in the charity shop - that's going to be absolutely brilliant!  Then who knows what I'm going to do next. But let me tell you I'm not just going to sit on the train watching those big piles of rubbish, I'm going to take action and make sure every one else does too!