We're not going to let them close us down!

The council want to close down the skate park, it makes me REALLY, REALLY MAD, but we're going to stop them. We're organising a massive concert at the skate park tomorrow. We're inviting every one we know and it is my job to introduce all the bands and all the dancers and, most importantly, to get every one to listen and put their names on the petition to stop the skate park from being closed down. I can't wait! You see the thing is that the madder I get, the louder I get and I AM REALLY MAD at the council, VERY, VERY CROSS, imagine how loud I am going to be?...So when I get on the stage I am going to really shout and best of all, my auntie Esther says she's going to lend me her megaphone! So when we all walk to the park and then from the park to the council offices I am going to be up there right at the front marching followed by every one and their massive, bright banners shouting into the megaphone. I can't wait! And, guess what? I get to be as BOSSY as I like! Callum said it is really important that there is some one there at the concert making sure that all the bands are ready, the dancers aren't off dancing all over the place and that people work together, so it's my job to give people jobs to do and to organise every one! I can't wait! But do you know what? The people I am going to be most BOSSY with are the council people...you wait till I get the megaphone next to my mouth..I'll make sure they listen and me and my big mouth will make sure that our voice is heard! We will save the skate park! No one is going to close it down!