Well, as you know, I was cross about not being the star of the show!

But that all changed when I heard Tanya sing during our first rehearsal. I’ll never forget it. I was startled by her beautiful voice.  To be really honest, I don’t think I can sing like that. Tanya really was perfect for the role!

But at the next rehearsal, Tanya stumbled in her first line.  She tried again, and then forgot her lines. Once more she tried, but each time she became more and more nervous. She was shaking.

It was driving me crazy! I really wanted to shake Tanya up and tell her I wished I could sing like her. I wanted to say stop being nervous, because you are amazing!
At break, I spotted her by herself. She looked like she had been crying.

‘You have the most amazing voice!’ I told her. 

She looked shocked. She really didn’t believe she could sing very well and didn’t know why she had been cast as Mary. ‘I wish I had your confidence on stage,  Teefa,’ she said.  ‘I wish I had your powerful voice. Every time I try I just get so nervous that I forget my lines’.

Then I had a brilliant brainstorm: I could give Tanya some confidence tips and she could give me some singing tips!

So we practiced together after school for the next couple of weeks, and became really good friends too.

On the night of the performance, I felt nervous for Tanya.  I was worried that Tanya would let nerves get the better of her. But she sang her main solo more beautifully than ever! I was over the moon!

When we sang our duet, we received huge applause from the audience. Mrs Jones gave our duet a special mention, saying our voices harmonised perfectly, and it was clear that we had worked really hard as a team.

I guess it’s true that more than one person can be the star!