I love being on stage, especially dancing and singing! Every year I’ve had a starring role in the school play. Last year I played Mary in the nativity, and the year before, Aladdin in our pantomime. I couldn’t wait to see who I would star as this year. I don’t think anyone else owns the stage like I do. I daydream that a film director will be in the audience, and will ask me to star in one of his films one day!

Finally, the day arrived when Miss Jones assigned class parts in the play. Miss Jones called out my name, and I sat up in my seat ready to make the other girls jealous.  ‘Lateefa, you will be playing the part of….’  I couldn’t wait, I was so excited. ‘…the angel.’ 

The angel?! I must have heard wrong. I was in shock! I didn’t have a solo singing part, and barely any lines. Only a measly duet with Tanya, who was to be Mary. How could Miss Jones pick Tanya over me?! She hardly ever says anything, how could she possibly sing all the solos on stage?! Boy, was I mad! Christmas was ruined for me.

But, you know what happened? I changed my mind about a lot of things this Christmas season. I changed my mind about Tanya. I changed my mind about our duet. I changed my mind about Miss Jones’ choice. And I changed my mind about Christmas being about me being the only shining star. Read my next blog to find out how all of that happened.