When I gave the list to my mum she frowned. "Teefa, doesn't this seem like a lot of new clothes?" 

I shrugged. "What's wrong with that?"

"Well," Mum said, "you know there are children who don't even get any presents at all on their birthdays, and you don't want to seem greedy do you?"

She kept the list, but told me to think about it.

At first I was really angry at my mum, but then I thought about it, and realized she was right. I remembered my Aunt Jackie and her charity shop that I worked at, and had a great idea! Aunty and I decided to take some of my old clothes, ones I don't fit into anymore, and winter ones I will grow out of before next year. Then we talked and came up with ideas, like we had for the Fashion Charity show, and she helped me learn how to sew. Before I knew it, we had made a whole new spring wardrobe, and hadn't spent any money at all! Mum was proud when I showed her, and told me she would buy me some of the new clothes I had asked for if I still wanted her to. There were a couple of things we couldn't make, like shoes, but I loved all of my new things, and I had made them myself!

Some of the clothes we made had still been too small for me, so I asked Aunt Jackie if she would sell them in her shop so they go to someone less fortunate. She said she'd do something even better- give away the clothes to a homeless shelter! That way, little girls who don't get presents on their birthdays will get new clothes from us. Maybe a homeless girl will have a spring birthday like me, and she'll get fun spring clothes for her birthday too!