I hate the winter. It is cold one minute then it rains, the wind blows like mad and you end up even colder just because you got stuck in the rain in the first place. There aren't many things I like about winter but today, for the very first time, I saw real snow. It didn't last long, there was only a little, little bit of it that melted almost the minute it hit the floor. It was so beautiful! I was playing outside in the playground and Mrs Driver told me off for bossing the other girls around in the playground. I didn't mean to make Sam cry. I did push her a little bit when I wanted her to do the dance properly. Now I think maybe I was a bit rough with her but it was not nice at all when every one started shouting at me and telling me off so I walked off and left them to it.

Walking in the freezing playground, my feet cold and wet, my ears even hurt from the cold, I ended up in the back corner where the huge, silver rubbish bins are. It's a good place to be on your own and just as the bell was ringing these really light, really pretty little, tiny bits of white started fall from the sky. Snow, white, pretty snow so I started jumping to try and catch the snow to see how long it would take before it melted away and wet my gloves.

'If you look very closely you can see a real snowflake' said a boy from the other side of the bin. His name is Jason. He is always in trouble. He is in year 6. 'Come here I'll show you' and there right on the tip of his glove was a tiny snowflake. Do you know what? They are JUST like the snowflakes that we cut out with white paper and scissors in the art lesson or the big ones our neighbours sprayed on the window for Christmas and my mum says: 'ooh, they'll never get that stuff off' about. Tiny, perfect, pretty and exactly the same shape. Jason may be naughty but he knows some important things about snow.