Some people think that old people are serious, strict or even boring. They obviously haven't met my Nonna, my Italian grandma Clara.

When you first see my grandma she looks like any other grandma, she has soft curly white hair, a gold pair of glasses hanging around her neck, a lovely, warm smile, and the loveliest, round, squidgy tummy that is perfect for lying on and squeezing. But behind that Granny outfit, there hides a very different person.

My grandma is so much fun. My mum had to work a lot this summer, and my brother Jake went to Spain with his friends, so I was actually a little bit upset when school came to an end. All my friends were really excited. Six weeks of holidays ahead. They were all planning their holidays in different countries, getting excited about going shopping for swimsuits and holiday clothes, and there I was about to be stuck on my own at home.  

One very boring day when it rained and rained and rained as if it was never going to stop, I suddenly felt really sad. I looked around my messy room, clothes on the floor, pens scattered all over my bed and the rain hammering down on the window. What was going to happen to me this summer? What was I going to do? What was the point of tidying my room if I was going to have all summer to tidy it?

I sat on the edge of my bed and was sliding down the edge of it to land on my bum when my mum knocked on the door.

"Latifah, you must be ready by now, can I come in with the hoover?" Uh oh!  I knew I was in trouble. Four hours, and the only thing that had moved was my pile of pink tops that I had moved from the corner of my room to an even bigger pile of clothes on my bed.

"Just a minute" I said, jumping up and running to the other side of the bed.

"What! Latifah! This room is such a mess! You haven't done anything." She shouted.

"I have" I whispered, waving a pink t-shirt in the direction of the bed, as if to surrender.

She looked absolutely furious, red faced and wide eyed. I thought she was about to explode!

"I am very angry with you Latifah. Your grandma has come all the way over to see you and you can't even tidy your room up for her!" my mum said angrily. "I am going out to the shops now, and by the time I come back I want this room to be and spotless."

My grandma gave me a wink, and before I knew it, she had joined me in my room.

Soon we were folding piles of clothes, putting pens and games in drawers. We even organised the books in alphabetical order on my bookshelf! "The quicker we tidy up, the sooner I can tell you a secret," my grandma promised.

My room was beautiful by the time my mum came home. As we sat down for tea she said "Latifah, now you have tidied your room your grandma has something to ask you."

"Teefs, my best friends Olivia and Angela and I are coming on holiday to Naples for two weeks, would you like to come with us?"

A holiday at last without not just one grandma - but three! I was so happy!

"YES!" I shouted.

"You can go, but you have to promise me and your nonna that you will keep your room tidy," my mum said.

I would clean the whole house if it meant I could go on holiday with my grandma! Sun, sun here we come!!