At this point, Miss Dixon stormed back inside, (she had gone out for a second) after hearing me shout. She saw me standing next to the other two, who were still crying. She marched me right outside and to the head teacher's office. I was terrified because I had never been sent to the head teacher's office before.

"Now Latifa," started Mr Durham, "I hear you've been up to no good, again!"

"But Mr Durham! I wasn't doing anything wrong! I was just standing up for Rebecca because Jamie hit her! Miss Dixon just picks on me!"

"Ah. I didn't realise. I take it Miss Dixon didn't see Jamie hit her?"

"No, she was out of the room"

"You have to understand, Latifa, that it can be very difficult to be a teacher. Miss Dixon has lots of very hard work to do, and when she came in, she saw you shouting and two children crying. She was trying to be as fair as possible, and unfortunately you were the one in trouble. I am glad that you saw that what Jamie did was wrong, but the answer is not to shout at him yourself, you need to go and find a teacher, and let them sort it out. Being a teacher is hard, but if you were to have found her instead of to get involved, I think we could have sorted this whole mess out. Don't worry; you're not in any trouble. You can go now, Latifa."

I calmed down at this point. Mr Durham was actually quite fair. He told me that I needed to empathise with Miss Dixon, (to think about what I would have done if I were her). I think that maybe it's harder to be a teacher than I thought. I always thought that Miss Dixon was just mean, but sometimes now, instead of getting mad at her, I just do what she says, because I know that she might be finding things difficult, even if she doesn't show it. Empathising with people helps you to know why people do what they do. Now when I see something going on, I stop myself from shouting, and I find a teacher. They can be fair, after all.