After my mum got off the phone I ran in and said, ‘I love the charity shop. It can't close down!'

‘Oh, don't worry, Teefa. We'll figure out a way to save the shop,' said my mum.

‘But why would it close down?' I asked.

‘Well,' she answered. ‘A lot of people donate clothes. And that's great. But the problem is that fewer and fewer people are coming in to the charity shop and buying clothes. The money is decreasing. We don't know how to save the shop if we can't raise awareness about all the good its doing. We have to think of a way to inform people about the shop. If only the store could speak for itself.'

That's when I got an idea. ‘Why can't it?' I said. ‘The store has clothes, fashion. Why don't we show everyone the clothes and outfits they can buy at the store? It'd be like a fashion show.'

‘That's brilliant!' my mum exclaimed. 'That actually might work. I'll let your Aunty Jackie know the idea. And since you thought of it, you get to plan the fashion show, Teefa.'

I was so excited to plan my very own fashion show - the outfits, the hair styles, the make-up. It was going to be amazing. I went to my room and started making plans for the fashion show.

The next day, Aunty Jackie wanted me at the shop to begin picking outfits that would be showed in the fashion show. It was the most fun I had ever had. I was making outfits that would be walking down a runway for people to see. It was so exciting! It was a long day, but we picked 20 outfits that would show the fabulous clothes you can buy at the charity shop. That weekend was the fashion show. It was so great! My friends modelled the outfits, there was music bumping and lots of people showed up. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. The fashion show was almost over when Aunty Jackie came up to me. She said, ‘I want you to wear the outfit for the finale. This whole fashion show couldn't have happened without you. And when you come off the runway, you might as well keep the outfit on, because you can keep it. It's yours.'

I was so excited! Walking down the runway was amazing! It was hard not to cry. I was so happy. It was such a great night and the fashion show gave awareness to the shop. Aunty Jackie has so many customers since the fashion show. I am so happy I could be apart of a great cause. Being able to combine fashion with helping others is just fabulous!