Well, Daniel has been in a really good mood lately. The other day, I accidentally spilled his orange juice. Instead of yelling at me (like he usually does), he helped me clean it up! He didn’t even seem mad, which was so weird.

I accidentally found out about Daniel’s girlfriend, though. Mum told me to get the water jug back out from his room, and when I walked in, he was whispering into his phone. I knew something was up then! I didn’t mean to eavesdrop - I only meant to get the water jug! I heard him say, “Well, you are the best girlfriend I have ever had, Rebecca,”

And that’s when I knew he had a girlfriend.

I immediately grabbed the water jug and began to walk out, but it was too late. He had heard me!
He put his phone to the chest and whispered, “Don’t tell mum or else!”

I nodded and took the water jug out.
It’s really hard for me to keep secrets, but I know I will have to keep this one. I don’t want to lose Daniel’s trust. I know he drives me mad sometimes, but he is still my brother and I have to respect his privacy. It would be terrible if I accidentally told someone and he got mad at me and decided to never tell me anything else again!
I will definitely try my best to keep his secret… any tips on how to do it?