I have been working with my mum’s friend Aunty Jackie in her charity shop all summer, and I have got a wardrobe that would send Miley Cyrus herself wild with jealousy. Who would think it that in a bag of old clothes that some one doesn’t want any more there were so many gems? I definitely never thought so.  Until 4 months ago I thought the idea of wearing something someone didn’t want was crazy because quite frankly, if some one doesn’t want it, surely it just can’t be any good.  Well, I sure thought wrong! 

When I first started helping out in the shop I did it because I was really upset when I found out how many clothes we all throw away.  I watched this programme on TV and they said that in the UK we throw out 900 000 pieces of clothing every year!  I had had enough and I wanted to find another way so Janice let me help out.  I call her my aunty but really she is not old and very cool.  She is 25 and lives in a lovely flat, on her own, right in the town centre.  She has a wardrobe full of cool clothes and the highest pair of silver heels I have ever seen, plus she lets me stay up at night and we watch movies, try on her cool clothes, paint our nails and eat ice cream. The best!

So the day I arrived at the shop my aunty was in the window wrapping the most gorgeous denim hipster skirt around the shop mannequin!  It was soo nice, kind of sparkly in places and the perfect skirt to match up with a bright summery top.  It looked brand new!  But my aunty said someone had dropped it off the week before and they were selling it for £3, BARGAIN!  £3 and all the money goes to a charity called Barnardos who help children who are in difficult situations have better lives.  It is just brilliant! 

So my day started out “on the shop floor” basically helping Jackie hang things and tidy things up. It was nice to sort things out and I decided the clothes in the children’s section would look really nice if you hung them up by colour.  Janice liked the idea so much that by the end of the day we had organised all the clothes in the shop like a rainbow!  I also got to help out at the till, folding the clothes and putting them in bags whilst Jackie took the money.  But the best part of the day was sorting out the clothes!  I never imagined I would like rummaging through big bags of unwanted things, it sounds a bit yucky but my aunty lent me her gloves and I had the best time. 

I just cannot believe some of the things people throw out!  Brand new shoes, tops, skirts with their tags still on, and all kinds of jewellery....and there right at the top of the biggest bin bag you have ever seen...the most beautiful gold top!!!!!  It was love at first sight. “Come on Teefa, come and help me with the rest of the bags.” I heard Jackie say as I held the top up to my face, glimmering and shimmering as I looked in the mirror.  I got back to work but I could not get the top out of my mind, it looked SO great.  And Jackie must have thought so too, because at the end of the day as I walked past the till on my way out of the shop, I heard Jackie drops some money into a collection box. “Latifah, my star assistant,” she said, “this is for you.” And there it was, my beautiful gold top!  I am going to look amazing in it, a fashion queen is born!