Some people, like my mum, were annoyed that the teachers went on strike because it meant they couldn't go to work either, but other people, like my aunty, supported the strikers. My aunt said people were striking because the government changed the rules about how much pension money they get when they retire and how long they must work for. She thinks it's not fair to change the rules. My mum says the country can't afford to pay so much pension money anymore because people live longer than they used to.

I didn't really understand what was happening so was just happy to have an extra day off school, but then I started thinking about what my mum and aunty said. Should people be allowed to strike if they are unhappy about something at work? How many years should people work before they are allowed to stop? Is it the government's job to take care of people when they stop working? So many questions! I'm glad the teachers decided to go back to work so I can ask Miss Dixon tomorrow!