A brother isn't always a pain

As for my brother - he is a pain some times but he looks after me when I feel bad and makes me laugh when I have been in trouble at school for bossing people and I don't want my mum to find out. He always says "don't worry about it, there is nothing that chocolate chip ice cream can't make better." When I was in year 3, I got into trouble for pulling the head off Sarah Tynan's doll. It was an accident, but no one believed me. I just wanted to take the doll out of her hands and show Sarah how to put a new dress on the doll. She was holding the doll by the feet, I had it's head in my hands. I was pulling hard but not that hard I swear and before I knew it "pop", the blond hair and plastic head jumped into my hands and the rest of the doll was in Sarah's. It was very silent but just for a little minute. And then she started crying. I kept saying sorry, sorry, sorry because I thought it would stop the crying but she kept on, getting louder and louder, really loud and I kept trying to take her to the back of the playground which is muddy so no one wants to play there and most importantly the teachers are never there "so we could talk about it" & but she kept crying and before I knew it her friends were getting closer, holding Miss Dixon's hands.

I was in so much trouble, she didn't shout, she just looked very very very serious. All she said was: "Latifa Ngaza, I am very disappointed with you." I had to sit outside the class room thinking about what happened. Ten minutes lasts a long time when you have no one to talk to. That night I was really quiet, if my mum found out she'd kill me, well not really, obviously, but she'd get really really mad. I went to bed early and kept thinking about how I could run away because running away was better than my mum finding out. Then, there was a knock on the door. It was Daniel and a big bowl of chocolate ice cream. He didn't say much and there was NO WAY I was going to tell him what happened but he was very nice to me.

I still had a few problems sleeping and the ice cream in my tummy didn't stop me from worrying but it seemed to get better the next day. I told Sarah I was sorry and I helped her fix the doll and I was very good for the rest of the week, I didn't have to stay in for one break for chatting, I did all my home work. I think Miss Dixon was quite shocked.