This is the first time I’ve written a blog. That’s because I have only just met up with the Go-Givers. I am really excited to join their team. You may have seen the story about how Callum and I bumped into each other in the park. He was going much too fast on his skateboard, and I didn’t see him coming! That’s because I am partially sighted, and don’t see the full ‘picture’ as most people do. I don’t know whether you know anything about eyes, but at the back of each Rio sitting at his computer writing his first blog articleeye there is something called the retina which collects all the light that comes into the eye. It is made up of lots of cells. Unfortunately, in my eyes a lot of the cells aren’t working. If things aren’t big enough, bold enough and bright enough, they are difficult for me to see.

I would like to tell you a little about my school and how I am supported to read books and be included in all the things we do in class.

I have a brilliant teaching assistant who prepares all the documents that I will need to use during lessons. I know she talks to the class teacher a lot before school and during lunchtime to make sure she gets things just right for me. Everything that is printed is in 24 point. That’s a very big point size. You would probably think it’s ginormous!

In class I have a reading stand so that my work is closer to me. I use a black pen to write on paper that has thick lines on it so I can see what I am doing. Otherwise my writing would go all over the place!

I also have some cool gadgets. I often use my monocular. The word ‘monocular’ is two ancient Greek words joined together, mono means one and oculus means eye. Cool eh? Have you seen people using binoculars? They are like a pair of telescopes (bi was the Greek word for two) for looking at things far away. A monocular has just one lens to look through.

I get books sent to me from the Royal National Institute of Blind People’s (RNIB) National Library Service that I can listen to on a special machine called a DAISY Player. They also give me my books and any other written information I need in 24 point.

This year RNIB have a special day on the 11th October called Read for RNIB Day. You can get a special lesson which will tell you all about how i read and exactly what it’s like to be partially sighted. If you would like one of these special lessons, please ask your teacher to go to