Waiting for something special

Do you ever wish summer would last forever? Every summer holiday always slips away far too quickly. But not this one. I spent most of the summer wishing it would go quicker! I knew at the end of the summer something really special was going to happen. Even though my summer was great, nothing else came close to my excitement about this.

So what could be more special than seeing my friends and playing tennis all summer? I'll give you two clues. First clue: it's one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Second clue: If you're in a wheelchair like me, you can take part!

Have you guessed yet?

I was going to London to see the Paralympic Games!

I was counting down the days.  To make time go faster, I decided to go on the web to find out as many Paralympics facts as I could.

Do you know how the Paralympics got their name? They take place every four years in the same city and year of the Olympic Games.  So they run ‘parallel' to the Olympics. Parallel means side by side.

Did you know that Britain came second in the world in the last Paralympics? We won 42 gold medals! Imagine if we come first this time! The Paralympic Games now include amputees, blind people, people with cerebral palsy, and athletes with learning difficulties.  Do you know what these disabilities are?

I have a disability so I know that people with disabilities can do so many of the things able-bodied people can do. The Paralympics are so important to me because the whole world gets to see that people with disabilities can be great athletes too! I don't feel sorry for them, I feel proud! I have some idea of what they've experienced. Dad said that feeling is ‘empathy'.

Help me find even more Paralympics facts! Write a Paralympics fact and send it to me. You can find loads of information in Pete's Paralympics and The Paralympic Games.

Read my next blog to find out how the Paralympics go!

Photo by Pittaya Sroilong from Bangkok, Thailand (Count Down to 2012  Uploaded by BaldBoris) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons