It was that time of year again when the school had organised a sports day. This year I really couldn't wait! After competing in the tennis tournament and getting second place, I was ready to show off my skills to my school friends. I signed up for the tennis tournament and I wasn't scared about the older boys either! 
I had been playing tennis with Max that evening and told him I had signed up to play against the older boys in the school sports day. He was very proud of me and said he would support me all the way. He told me he knew I would win but said not to be too overconfident. Max is always brilliant at giving me advice, it always works. I am very lucky to have such a helpful neighbour. Being 92 he has a lot of experience and I know I can trust him. 
It was Wednesday morning and I was ready to compete. We were allowed to start school an hour late because of the sports day and we got to wear our own clothes. Everyone was very excited. My mum made me a healthy breakfast so I would play well with loads of energy and off to school I went.
The games started off with the sprinting and relay racing. The racing always amazes me. Being in a wheelchair and not being able to use my legs, it fascinates me to observe people running. It used to make me upset, but now I know my talent is playing tennis I don't mind so much. Ursula, my physiotherapist, helped my confidence as well.
At one o'clock it was time for me to play tennis! I went out onto the court feeling nervous, like I usually am before any match. I could hear my friends shouting and supporting me from the sidelines, but I also heard people pointing and laughing.
"Hahaha, he's in a wheelchair! How can he play tennis?"
This only made me feel more determined to succeed and show them just how good I was. But I also remembered Max telling me not to be too overconfident! It's hard to get a balance but I must have managed it because I finished the game against Toby, who was two years above me, and I had won!
I was so proud of myself and the people who had been laughing at me just sat there with their mouths open! That was the best bit. I knew I could do it, but they didn’t; I had showed them that just because I’m in a wheelchair I can still play tennis, and win!  Now I can't wait to tell Max!