My cousins Nicky and Dimitri are staying at my house. Their mum is not very well so they have come to stay with us while she gets better. We are having such a fantastic time! Nicky is the funniest person I know!

Nicky and Dimitri were sleeping in my dad's old study, squashed on the floor on two little mattresses, but it didn't stop Nicky building a den by leaning one of the mattresses against my dad's bookcase and jumping up and down on the other mattress as soon as he woke up! It is a lot of fun having them to stay and I have persuaded my mum that I should sleep in the same room as Nicky, so Dimitri, who is only little, can sleep with my sister Alicia in her room.

My mum doesn't know it, but we play until very late at night. Nicky is never tired and I spend most of the night with the corner of the pillow in my mouth because he makes me laugh so much. My mum doesn't suspect a thing. We play very quietly so that my mum and dad don't wake up and tell us off. My mum has warned us that if Nicky and I talk too much, or make any noise, she'll move Dimitri back in the room.

Dimitri is very quiet. He likes books and doesn't like to stay awake at night. They are complete opposites and my grandma always says she just can't believe they are brothers. Nicky is naughty and noisy, Dimitri is quiet and calm.

Naughty Nicky, as my grandma calls him, is one of my very best friends. He is so funny. He talks to anyone and everyone, and laughs and runs around a lot. Most of the time we spend together I am laughing or wondering what the next joke will be. Nicky is one of the few pople who does not treat me differently because I am in a wheelchair. His favourite thing is to spin me around in the wheelchair, "faster and faster" we both scream which makes my grandma shout things like "Stop it! Stop it! Nicky you are going to kill him, slow down...stop it now...ach that poor boy..leave him alone! You are dreadful Nicky, such a naughty child".

When we fly to Greece Nicky's favourite trick is to sit in a wheelchair at Athens airport, and race me through the airport whilst we are waiting for my aunt and uncle to pick us up. That really makes my grandma scream. My papou (granddad) thinks it's really funny, and laughs, but my grandma can't stand it she says "Do you have no shame? Riding around like that in the airport, you could make some one have an accident  and you George (my granddad), stop laughing you are encouraging them!"

I don't know where the shame is in whizzing around the airport in a wheelchair, but I do know we have a lot of fun. Nicky may be naughty, but he is a great friend to have around.