So what do you do when the best computer games shop in the universe opens up in your town and you can’t get in there because of the stupid steps?

Well, let me tell you, you get Max on the case. Who is Max? Max is my 93 year old neighbour who, until recently, was running around the neighbourhood on two legs chasing the older ladies of Lacey Street, my grandma and my Auntie Lou included.

When Max was confined to his wheelchair, it didn’t stop him. “Max could charm the birds out of the trees” my grandma says, and she is absolutely right. Max’s charm was the best weapon we could have had to make sure that our favourite shop installed a ramp so that we could get in just like everybody else. Although Max is 93, one of his favourite hobbies is playing computer games with me. So when the new shop opened in town we both wanted to be the first people through the door!

I woke up really early that Saturday morning and headed for the shop. Guess what? Max was there already, waiting for me on the doorstep with a massive grin on his face.