Max moves into a new home

Yesterday, as I do every Saturday morning, I went and knocked on my neighbour Max's door.  I was excited to tell him all the things I had done during the week. I knocked and then knocked and continued knocking until my hand ached, but there was still no answer. All the lights were out and when I peered in through the window I could see no Max. But even stranger, there were no chairs, no tables, no television and no photos. The room was completely empty! I was confused and I felt hurt. Why had Max not remembered me?

Later that day, I found out from my mum that Max was no longer going to be our neighbour. He had moved to a special home where lots of old people live and special nurses take care of them. My mum said that Max needed help now that he was older and the special home could give him that help. I didn't understand why we couldn't help him. I wanted him to stay as my neighbour. I was sure he wouldn't be happy in a home away from everyone! I was angry that he had been taken away!

On Sunday we went to visit Max at his new home in the countryside. Before we went inside my mum took my hand and kindly said "Max can no longer play tennis with you as before but instead you can chat or play board games. It will be just as fun. I promise".

I went into a large brightly lit room with sofas everywhere and a massive television. In the middle of the room were lots of old people, some with walking sticks, some in wheelchairs but all with grey hair. They were sitting around a large table with a big chess set and at the centre of the group was Max, smiling and laughing. He looked so happy! He introduced me to all his new friends, everyone came up to me and the women squeezed my cheeks and gave me big wet kisses (I didn't like that!) They all said how they were so happy to have Max as their new neighbour. The nurse brought me a hot chocolate and cake, despite the crushing kisses I was beginning to like this special home! I never considered before that Max was lonely when he lived alone. This place was full of people for him to talk and play games with.

Seeing Max playing and laughing like I do with my school friends, I saw that even though there is a BIG difference in our ages, we are so similar.  We both love sports and computer games and being with friends. Just because hair is grey, his skin is wrinkled and I have to sometimes shout for him to hear me, doesn't mean that he no longer enjoys life like kids do.