Life is difficult in Greece now

Have you ever overheard something that worried you? Yesterday I heard my Mum talking about my grandma and grandad to her friend Elizabeth. They had really serious faces so it made me feel funny.

When Elizabeth had gone, I asked my mum if Grandma Nou Nou and my Grandad Papou were ok. My mum told me that Grandma Nou Nou might not be able to visit us this year, like she usually does, because they don’t have enough money.

My mum explained that everything is more expensive in Greece now because of  the global financial crisis. This crisis has affected people in Britain too. Like Britain, the Greek government is in debt. Being in debt means you have borrowed money from someone and have to give it back. Greece has to give money back to other countries it has borrowed from. This means the government has to find a way to save lots of money!

Some things Greek people got for free before from the government now have to be paid for. All of Grandma Nou Nou’s medicines used to be free but now she can only get a few medicines for free in a year. Grandma Nou Nou had been ill this winter so has needed a lot of medicine.

Grandad Papou and Grandma Nou Nou are lucky as they had saved some money but Mum says this might not be enough for them to travel to England to visit us as often as they used to.

It makes me feel sad. My mum has told me not to worry but it’s hard not to. Now I can’t stop thinking about them.

What could I do to help Grandma Nou Nou and Grandad Papou? Let me know your ideas.