How to Recycle a Christmas Tree

The only sad thing about Christmas is the day you have to throw away the Christmas tree. I counted 25 trees in bins on my street today. There are lots of good things you can do with your old tree. Did you know, you can even make a new home for bugs and birds from a sad, old Christmas tree?

Today we took down the Christmas tree, the needles are still all over the floor and there are bits of tinsel everywhere. The house looks empty now, but the saddest part about the end of Christmas is the thought of all the trees that will end up just being thrown out.

On our way to school today, Mitali and I counted 25 trees falling out of bins - slumped, dead trees waiting for the bin men to come and pick them up and crush them in the back of their rubbish vans, poor trees. Today our teacher told me that 6 million trees get thrown out every single year. I think they look lovely but I wish there was something we could do with them. At home we have a tree in a pot that spends the spring, the summer and autumn outdoors, and the winter inside. That way we don't throw a tree away every year, and every year we get to see how much our Christmas tree has grown.

At school we have a big plastic tree, and every year different children get to decorate it. My mum told me that plastic is really bad for the environment, but the real question is 'What happens to all the other trees?'

My sister told me that there are lots of great things you can do with old trees, like getting your council to recycle them, leaving the tree in a park or garden so that birds and other animals can make a home out of it, or sinking it in a big pond so that fish can feed from the animals living on the tree. In some neighbourhoods the council cuts down trees into tiny pieces called mulch which are used to put on the soil to help more trees grow!

My friends and I are going to talk to everyone we know and make them get a living tree next year, or do something good with their old Christmas trees!