Granny Arrives from Greece

Yum! My grandma Nou Nou arrived from Greece today and we've been stuffing our faces ever since.

Nou Nou is 79 and lives in a little flat in Athens with my grandad, or Papou, that's what they call a grandad in Greece. When she comes to stay she always brings loads of food, scrubs the house clean and tells my mum off for not feeding us enough. My grandad says he is too old to get on a plane but the truth is, he is afraid of flying! In the summer we go to visit them and my cousins and we all go to an island together for two weeks. It's the best. We swim all day, eat ice cream and because my grandad is really a big child, that's what my mum says at least, he lets my sister Alicia dress him up whatever way she wants. Alicia is 6. Last summer she made him wear my grandma's flowery dress and some lipstick, he looked hilarious!

Tomorrow we have maths. It's my worst subject. I hate it, it's really difficult and I never get the answers right, but at the end of school I'm going to Mitali's to play on his new PS4 and in the afternoon I have physio. A physiotherapist comes to my house to help me with stretches, and we do yoga. Because I am in a wheelchair and I can't feel anything in my legs at all, the stretching makes my body stronger, and stretches the muscles in my arms and shoulders I use a lot to get around.

My physio is called Ursula and she is from Switzerland. She always says "and now Pete reach forwards and S-t-r-e-t-j-c-h" in her German accent. She is "an old hippy" according to my grandma, but I think she is very funny and kind. At the end of the lesson, she asks me to lie on the floor and close my eyes and think about relaxing. I always have to giggle when Ursula starts making this funny noise called "om". "Om" is the sound of the universe, but every time she says it, I have to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing. I've checked, and she always has her eyes shut tight at that point, so it's o.k.