Thank you everyone for all the nice things you said about me and helping me deal with bullies! School is so much better now. I play tennis with Oliver and Max almost every week, and still play lots of ‘it' and other games at school with all of my friends. The ones who used to bully me, like Jessie, are now my friends too! He and I play video games and computer games all the time, and sometimes do homework together too.

Because I'm so happy with all of my new friends, it was really cool to hear that February was International Friendship Month! I decided to get a big group of people together and have a game tournament. I told my teacher about it, and she helped me organize it. One day, after school, everyone who wanted to stayed late in the gymnasium, and we all played games! Everyone brought in board games and cards, and some of us even brought in computer games, and the teachers let us play them on the school computers! Parents brought in sweets and a "Friendship Month" cake, and we all shared the food and games with each other.

The next day, everyone said my game day was a great success! We don't all get to play outside much in the winter, which is why it's the perfect time to play indoor games. I was so happy that everyone liked my idea, and I had found lots more friends to play games with!