Guess where I'm going in ten days? I‘m going to Tenerife!! Tenerife is a tiny Spanish island off the coast of North Africa and guess what, even better, whilst every one here is shuddering in the wet and cold, wrapping themselves up tight and warm and moaning about the cold weather I'm going to be in the warmth, it is 24 degrees Celsius in February!! Even better than a British summer Max says.  I'm going to Tenerife with my new friend Josie. She is just great, really great and so much fun.

I met Josie six months ago when I was asked to help a charity that helps young people in wheelchairs think about what they want to be when they grow older and fights for their rights.  They work really hard to make sure that all of us can have everything we want and need in life, just like every one else. They have lawyers who work with the government to make sure the rights of disabled people are protected and the office is full of really great people who are so enthusiastic and helpful who really want to make sure every one succeeds. They asked me to come to their office so they could interview me for a short film with lots of other children and teenagers in wheelchairs talking about their lives and what they want to be when they grow up. It was here, at a party with lots of people from every where, that I met Josie.

I hadn't noticed her at first until without saying anything at all she zoomed past me and nicked my favourite cap off my head and put it on her head! I chased after her but she had positioned herself next to a very serious looking man in a suit and the mayor of the city and looked like she was having a really heavy conversation with them. I could hardly go grabbing my hat back off her head in front of those serious people could I? I watched her carefully, chasing her around the room as she went from one conversation to another looking serious and innocent and like she hadn't done anything at all! And then, after spending 30 minutes chasing this crazy girl around the room, out of nowhere a pushy man with a notebook and a camera man with a massive camera and a massive light to match suddenly stuck a microphone in my face. "So, young man" he shouted "how- are- yooou- today?" he said talking to me like I didn't speak English or as though I was an old, very deaf lady.

"He's not stupid you know," I heard a voice behind me say "He's really clever, so may be you'd better treat him like he is!" I turned round and sat behind me with her hands on her hips and her brown curls bouncing up and down on her head in anger, was Josie.

"I‘m fine, thank you. I'm Pete and I suppose you want to know what I'd like to be when I grow up. Well, the answer to that is I‘m not quite sure, either a basketball player or one of those guys who design and build bridges and this is..."

"Josie!" she shouted and "I can dance!" she said tilting back and quickly spinning on her back wheels. She was AMAZING.

And that's how it all began and Josie is the reason I‘m going to Tenerife to the World Youth Wheelchair Dance Competition. Josie is an amazing dancer and is going to represent Great Britain with three other wheelchair dancers and their dance partners.  I'm going with her to support her. I've spent the past six months watching her dance and she really has some thing special, so elegant and so smooth, so fast and when the music comes and she starts moving she is just so beautiful and becomes so alive.  Plus, when she is dancing she is so much less annoying! I'm only kidding, it's probably her cheekiness and how she believes in telling people what she thinks that makes me like her most! Two weeks in Tenerife, dancing with the girls, sunshine and fun with Josie here I come!!!