The first day of lessons I got into the shallow end of the pool, and walked along the edge holding onto the side. The instructor told us to sit on the edge and watch as he showed us how to blow bubbles. I didn't want to put my face in at first, but then I tried, and blowing bubbles is fun! I got some water up my trunk and was going to squirt it out at the girl next to me, but the teacher saw me and shook his head. I was a bit embarrassed, but I don't think anyone else noticed.

I went back for a few more lessons, and I've really started to enjoy swimming! I've learned how to kick, how to paddle with my arms, and how to go all the way under the water and hold my breath. On the last day, the instructor had us all try to use our skills to swim all the way from one end of the pool to the other, across the deep end. We were all a little scared, but I felt prepared. And I did it! I swam across the whole pool, and everyone was cheering me on, so I swam all the way back without touching the bottom of the pool. Then everyone who completed the challenge got a ribbon, and I got two for swimming twice as much!

It was so much fun to learn a new sport, and now I'm in better shape than ever! I'm glad that I faced my fear, and now I love to swim. Have you ever tried something that you were afraid of?