It made me very sad not just because they were so mean but because the only reason I tripped up was that I was so worried about being the last one to cross the finish line, that I forgot to tie my shoe laces before I started the race. I was running as fast as I could and I could hear people cheering and my cousin Amar jumping and shouting my name at the finish line. Then the sun got in my eyes, and the grass started to feel uneven under my feet and before I knew it, CRASH, BANG, WOLLOP, my nose was flat on the floor in the mud, yuck.

So what do you do then when you know that the whole school, all the mums and dads and sisters and brothers and teachers are looking at you? Lie there and breathe in the mud, or get up and face everyone looking at you?

I like running long distances but when it comes to short runs, or sprints as Mrs Green the P.E. teacher calls them, I get really worried. I am always the last one. I can see every one's bright green shorts and yellow t-shirts miles ahead of me, I try really hard, and breathe as fast as I can,  but I just can't catch up with them. Sometimes I feel a tight pain in my chest.

This year I was determined to win a race. Mrs Green has been helping us all prepare for sports day. I decided I had to find one race that I could win. There must be one, I thought. Then it came to me one day in the P.E.lesson, what if I had some one to help me? What if I entered the wheelbarrow race with Amar? He is long and thin and tall, I am fat but short and very strong. I could easily pick Amar up by the legs and carry him over a long distance.

Every day for the past two months Amar and I have practised on the common in front of my house. In the beginning I got very tired carrying his legs and trying to run at the same time. We couldn't quite get the rhythm. His hands and my feet kept tripping each other up, but slowly and surely, after a little while we got faster and faster and by yesterday I was a little less worried than normal, because there was a good chance that I wouldn't be last in at least one race.

There we stood at the starting line, everyone was watching, my sister was smiling and my dad was waiting with arms open wide at the finish line, Amar's yellow socked ankles were hooked beneath my armpits.

"Come on Mits" he shouted "we can do it".

We were off, charging towards the finish line, with seven wheelbarrows all determined to make it first to the very end. Lina and Molly were on my right, they both do gymnastics and are normally very fast, but I couldn't see them any more. I just kept running, all I could see was the red ribbon of the finish line ahead... and then suddenly I felt it, as Amar's head was the first thing to hit the bright red ribbon. Then I heard it: 

 "Yeah!!! Amar and Mitali HAVE WON!" my Go Giver friends were shouting. Pete was blowing a whistle and Teefa was screaming at the top of her lungs. I couldn't believe it.

"WE'VE WON! WE'RE THE CHAMPS MITS" Amar screamed as he picked me up and swung me around! We had won, we had made it!

Now I know that with a little help, practice and self-belief, I can win. I'll never be nervous about running again!