Since my swimming lessons last term, I have taken part in the school swimming gala. Wow! It was amazing.  Normally I just take part in the races that are in the learner's pool or in the shallow end of the water, but this year I swam 2 lengths of the big, deep pool. I can't remember what you call the style of swimming, but it's the one that makes me look like a frog swimming in the water, so I call it the froggy style!!! It makes Pete and I giggle!! I have little short legs and as you know Pete's legs don't work, but you should see him move his arms in the water.

Anyway, I did the froggy style race and I came second! How amazing is that? I only started my lessons a few months ago and now I can take part in a race-in front of my whole school - and come second! I was very proud of myself and I was even prouder when I was called up to accept my silver medal. I felt like one of those Olympic swimmers. My teacher said that next year, because it will be the London Olympics, we are going to do a very special kind of swimming gala.  I am going to start training now!!

There is one other thing I wanted to write in my blog this time and I hope you can help me out. Even though I had a really cool time at the gala, when I first stepped out of the changing rooms in my swimming shorts, I felt that everyone was looking at my tummy and would probably laugh. As you will have seen, I am bigger than most kids my age and I am an elephant, but that shouldn't matter, should it? It's just that sometimes people say nasty things to me. In fact, sometimes mean kids write horrible things about my size here on the blogs and that makes me cry. It's not nice to say mean things about anyone. My mummy always says to me, ‘What goes around comes around.' Which means if you are mean to people in your life, then one day other people might be mean to you.  What do you think is the best thing to do if someone is mean to you?

I have to say that even though I was scared that people were going to laugh at my tummy, no one did in the end. But I think even if they had, I was so proud of myself to be swimming in the gala and even happier to win a medal that some silly children laughing at me wouldn't have ruined my moment. Just wait till next year's gala...and you never know, you might see me, Mitali the elephant in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro!!!