Like Christmas and Diwali, I am always excited for a special day we call ‘Rakhi". At Rakhi I receive a special gift from a very important member of my family. Nope, not my mum or my dad. My sister! Unlike Christmas or Diwali, every year this gift is the same. In fact I already know what it will be. It's a red thread which my sister ties on my wrist. You must be wondering how I can be so excited if the present won't even be a surprise! And why would a simple red thread make me so happy?

Well...there's one more thing which might make you think this day can't possibly be that great. In return for the red thread, I give my sister a present. Sometimes I give her a little bit of money, but this year I gave her a CD.

I know what you must be thinking. I was confused too when I was younger. But now I'm a bit older I understand. I understand that it is not the present itself that makes me so happy but it's what that present means! The thread means that as the only boy in the family, I must be strong and lead the family. When my sister ties the thread on my arm, I am making a promise to her that as her brother I will protect her forever. The thread reminds me of my duties as a brother and how lucky I am to have such a fantastic sister.