My aunties started chatting loudly in Hindi. I was pretty embarrassed and rushed Pete into the front room where the computer is. But my naughty five year old cousin Ayush was already playing his baby games! As if that wasn't enough, the TV was on really loud, playing one of Mum's Bollywood (Indian) films. I said sorry to Pete.  But he didn't seem to mind. He wanted to watch the film! It was an action one. I was really surprised. I didn't think that any of my friends would like Bollywood! Do you like Bollywood films?

After the movie, Pete and I sat down to eat with my whole family. It wasn't pizza or chips. It was rajma (red kidney bean curry) and rotis (flat bread)! As we all tucked in, I noticed Pete's eyes watering. But he kept eating. He must have been starving! Suddenly he started to cough really hard and gulp down water really quickly. Naughty Ayush pointed and laughed, then Pete began to giggle, and then my whole family began to giggle too! ‘I think it may be a little spicy!' said Grandma, smiling. Mum was really sorry and offered Pete a cheese sandwich. But Pete said ‘No thanks, this is the most delicious food I've had in a long time!'

Just before he had to leave, I said sorry to Pete about my noisy family ruining our plans. Pete shrugged and said he had a great time. ‘Your family's so cool! I've got a really big family too, in Greece. We don't get together as often as yours does, just at Christmas and Easter.  Last week, on Easter Sunday, we all went to Mass at the Catholic Church, and ate lots of roast lamb for lunch, which is traditional in Greece at Easter. If you think your family is loud, just wait until you hear mine!'

Before Pete came over, I was worried because sometimes I feel like my family is different from other kids. Do you ever feel like that? But I never knew Pete had lots of aunties and cousins too! I guess we are not that different after all.